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In August 2011, the Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) leadership announced the release of the new USDA NRCS website. The below video provides a sneak peak of the new site’s capabilities and discusses their enhanced ability to interact with customers through the use of their new Web Based Content Management System.

OBXtek is currently responsible for the architecture, development and management of the USDA – NRCS website detailed in this video:

OBXtek can tell you what a great job we do for our customers but we thought it would be better coming directly from them. Following are some of the comments we have received from our customer's on the services we provide.

    "You are all SO wonderful!!!! I honestly have to say that, I AM THE PROUD ONE HERE!!! I am proud that I have a team that cares and works so hard! I don’t know what I would do without you guys/gals!!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!" – Social Security Administration Customer

    "​The support guys/gal are SUPER FANTASTIC!!! They are all so eager to work and have found fixes to issues that would have taken the other 3 SR. SharePoint guys away from work that needed to be completed. Thanks so much for staffing my support team with such wonderful, hardworking people!" – Social Security Administration Customer

    " ​I want to thank you for your exceptional work this past Monday morning in getting all instructor information uploaded for seven classes. Our vendors did not provide advance instructor files per our normal operating procedures which necessitated all course materials be uploaded prior to Monday morning class start. Thanks to your hard work all files were successfully loaded and running smoothly by class start time of 8am. The CON School and I personally, appreciate your work ethic, technical expertise and outstanding customer service." – Veterans Affairs Customer

    " ​The new internal Web site is officially launched! Thank you to the entire team. You have each devoted many hours to the success of this project and it shows in the new site, which is much improved in looks, functionality, content, and the ability of many authors to competently keep it up to date.". – National Institute of Standards and Technology Customer

    " ​Thank you for your hard work and efforts in developing the operating plan metrics. Yesterday, we met with OSHA's Deputy Assistant Secretary and briefed him on the new numbers and the efforts put in to assure the numbers were reflective of the Agency's responses. The complaint inspected and complaint investigated numbers are very important OSHA measures. They are a measurement on how OSHA quickly responds to employee complaints that allege safety and health hazards where they work. The quicker OSHA responds the quicker we can make sure that those are taken care of and employees are not exposed to dangerous situations. These metrics are also reported to the Secretary of Labor and to congress." – Department of Labor Customer

    "​Much appreciation for everyone’s great effort, cooperation, and team work in posting OIS data to the public web site! Having access to the OIS data is important not only for our internal staff, but also for workers, employers, and the general public. I hope we can continue to work this cooperatively on the future endeavors we will be facing over the next year or so.  Well done all!" – Department of Labor Customer

    "​We would like to thank you for the effort your team is providing on a continual basis supporting the Academy in the classroom environment. Specifically, today your team went above and beyond to remedy an equipment failure in such an efficient manner which prevented us from having to disrupt and relocate a Senior Level program management class. We deeply appreciate you working closely with the OOR to resolve this with a quick response. Your teams flexibility and dependability are relied upon heavily and we thank you!" – Veterans Affairs Customer

    " ​It is not often that you see such great teamwork in action. I was talking with my wife last night about what happened yesterday and said “it is an amazing thing to see a group of people pull together and accomplish a task”. I normally do not talk like a motivational poster, but it was the truth. It was great to see you all in action and work in lockstep to getting this problem solved." – Social Security Administration Customer

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