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What Sets OBXtek Apart

OBXtek reduces uncertainty by providing insight and warning about potential threats to the national security of the United States, the safety of its citizens, and its interests around the world. OBXtek’s intelligence professionals identify, curate and produce valuable, actionable intelligence that enables successful missions.

Our People

OBXtek professionals possess the precise background and clearance needed to completely support customers including Top Secret (17%), Secret (33%) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (12% of the cleared employees) access.

Our Reputation

OBXtek has extensive experience engaging in and supporting sensitive global operations. Since 2013, we have supported intelligence projects outside of the United States (OCONUS) of which many were in areas classified as “dangerous” or “high threat.”

Our Expertise

Global Operations

OBXtek has extensive experience engaging in and supporting global operations. We are adept in providing comprehensive foreign travel and life support assistance to our employees who travel abroad to perform their duties. Since 2013, OBXtek has supported over 450+ OCONUS deployments and permanent party placements of which many were to areas classified as “dangerous” or “high threat.” 

Intelligence and Data Analysis

OBXtek analysts support customers across a wide range of "INTs." Our staff understand the mission areas, cultures, communication profiles and available datasets needed to provide comprehensive analysis for our customers. Our data experts work with unstructured and structured data to extrapolate useful data points to support the analytic process and provide operational staff better contextual understanding of the mission area.


The OBXtek training team provides curriculum development, blended learning, distance learning and platform instruction to a wide range of DoD and FedCiv customers. Our training staff leverage the ADDIE Instructional System Design (ISD) framework to develop training that meets student needs and provide them with an exceptional learning experience. OBXtek has extensive experience providing cybersecurity and technical training.

Open Source Intelligence 

Our OSINT analysts have demonstrated expertise across finance, culture, social media and communications that is leveraged to understand the techniques, tactics and procedures of target social groups, organizations, people, countries and regions. Our experts understand where to obtain and how to parse available data down into an understanding of the mission space and trending associated with business, political, diplomatic activities. 


Human Terrain

OBXtek's country experts support sensitive missions and engagements around the globe. They understand culture, historical context, people groups, languages and dialects, and boundaries. Our country experts help customers understand target country and cultures and assist in messaging and predictive analytics.  They also help customers gain a temporal understanding of place names and boundaries based on people groups and cultures in support of diplomatic efforts and military operations.

Conventional Weapons Destruction (CWD)

Our technical CWD experts work with customers to address unconventional weapon challenges around the globe. They help identify risks, provide risk mitigated solutions and help customer CWD programs through planning to disposal. Leveraging an understanding of the CWD landscape, they help customers connect with the resources and expertise needed to resolve hard CWD problems.



Linguists/Linguistic Analysts

OBXtek linguists  provide language services across multiple language levels, languages and dialects. Many of our linguists and linguist analysts are DLI and Department of State trained and test out at high ILR levels. They provide translation of sensitive written, video and audio materials. We have access to linguists that provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and a myriad of language services. OBXtek supports a wide range of languages and dialects.


Leveraging extensive experience supporting Counterterrorism efforts across the globe, OBXtek CT experts leverage an in depth understanding of CT efforts to support customer missions. Our experts help with planning, collaboration, CT effort facilitation and sourcing of critical resources and training needed to support the CT mission. We also provide advisory services to host nation forces designed to enhance their architecture, services and capabilities to better support CIV-MIL missions in their home country.

Human Intelligence

OBXtek HUMINT professionals support our customer's most critical requirements by developing relationships with target population and people groups to enhance diplomatic efforts and assist with important messaging.

Sgt. with SUAS

OBXtek was engaged by the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) to manage the JTAC program; from overseeing JTAC upgrades, ensuring the continuity and development of training programs, and managing compliance with AFSOC and USSOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command) regulations.

The mission of Air Force Special Operations Command Special Tactics Groups (STG) is to train, organize, and equip Special Tactics (ST) forces for rapid worldwide employment in support of U.S. air and ground forces.

As a qualified external partner, OBXtek provides direct support to 11 of AFSOC’s Special Tactics Groups and Special Tactics Squadrons by training, managing, and providing oversight to all aspects of the Joint Terminal Attack Control program.

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