Project and Program Management

Project and Program Management

Without proper planning, tracking and management
most IT projects fail.Operating from OBXtek’s proven Project Management 2nd Generation (PM2) methodology our program manager works from a well-developed and documented management approach designed to deliver the results your agency requires.   Our PM2 methodology provides communications and reporting, schedules and tracks project requirements, project risks, quality and costs throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that your agency receives the exact outcomes that it requires.

OBXtek Project Management 2nd Generation Methodology

OBXtek's PM2 project management methodology prescribes a defined, systematic method to plan, direct, monitor, adjust, and control a series of interrelated project activities based on the Project Management Institute's, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). We provide proven control systems, management processes, automated tools, quantifiable performance metrics, sound personnel practices, and disciplined administrative processes to deliver results.

Project Management Professional, Certified Project Managers

The Project Management Institute (PMI) establishes the standards for good practices and provides globally recognized credentials that certifying project management expertise. Software and information technology projects can be extremely complex and call for experienced, certified individuals to oversee their execution. Our PMI, Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project managers will keep your project on-schedule, produce quality outcomes, and do all within budget.

Program Planning

OBXtek programs operate from a well-developed Program Management Plan (PMP) and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) that guides the project and minimizes performance risks.  Our PMP documents the management structure and control, project risks, quality assurance requirements, budgets, and incorporates a log of problems encountered and corrective actions taken while the IMS tracks the progress throughout the project lifecycle.  This document guides all management activities and is the foundation for reporting to our customer’s stakeholders and senior management. Our PMP is updated as program requirements evolve and shared with all stakeholders.

Risk Management

OBXtek’s Risk Management Plan provides the approach for managing issues and risks that the identified throughout the program lifecycle.  Our risk management process reduces the uncertainty and potential impacts of risk events before they affect the program. This process identifies and analyzes the effects of uncertainties on the program so project personnel can take action to minimize the consequences of any event that may affect the success of the program.

Schedule and Time Management

OBXtek develops a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to identify, organize, and manage project-related tasks and interdependencies to meet the goals and objectives of the project. The tasks from the WBS are incorporated into an IMS which tracks the tasks from start through completion. Flow diagrams are used to plan the sequencing and interrelationships of all work packages required to meet milestones and objectives. Our IMS includes clearly defined project requirements, WBS, Gantt chart, activity precedence, resource assignments by activity, estimated cost, performance metrics, acceptance criteria, and potential risks.

Human Resource Management

The most valuable asset of any organization is its employees. Our human resource management processes provide direction to transition incumbent personnel, successfully hire new personnel for vacant/new positions, and retain personnel during the contract life to ensure program continuity and stability is achieved. OBXtek understands a stable workforce is a key component in supporting our customer's requirements. Our exceptional 2011 employee retention rate of 95% is proof of our ability to retain personnel. 

Quality Management

OBXtek’s quality approach closely follows industry best practices in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management System (QMS). Our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) is OBXtek’s guidance for ensuring and defining optimal performance on the project. This plan addresses performance metrics, deliverables, assessments, stakeholders, and the methods that OBXtek employs to fulfill the requirements listed in the statement of work.

Communication Planning

OBXtek’s Communications Management planning develops and implements an overall strategy to foster effective communication among all stakeholders. OBXtek provides frequent, honest, and meaningful project communications on a continuing basis throughout the system lifecycle by providing daily, weekly, and monthly reporting and scheduled status meetings.

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