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Software, Cloud and Mobility



What Sets OBXtek Apart

OBXtek provides fully integrated custom solutions by applying industry best practices and standards, such as CMMI Level 3 (DEV) appraised software development methodology, Agile, and Scrum (a subset of Agile). Additionally, OBXtek is a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) partner. For all projects, we leverage our cybersecurity center of excellence to build in security from project inception.


Our People

OBXtek’s experts practice systems thinking and lean engineering to bring the management, development and operations people to the same table as a tripartite coalition, which empowers continuous integration/continuous delivery across the entire ecosystem of the enterprise.

Our Reputation

While OBXtek has strategic partnerships with technology vendors such as SAFe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Oracle, we remain technology agnostic when solving client challenges.



Our Expertise

OBXtek provides fully integrated custom solutions developed upon industry best practices and standards like CMMI DEV/3, Agile, Scrum, SAFe, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1:2011 and ISO 27001:2013 as the foundation. For all IT projects, we leverage our Cybersecurity Center of Excellence to build security into each project from initiation through operations and maintenance.

Enterprise Agility Solutions

OBXtek draws from the entire spectrum of practices and frameworks, including the SAFe framework for managing a portfolio of agile programs and projects. Our experienced Agilists practice Systems Thinking and Lean Engineering, and bring the business, development and operations people to the same table to act as a tripartite coalition from the very start of systems development, thereby overcoming silo mentality, enabling Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (DevOps), which derives value across the entire ecosystem of the enterprise.

OBXtek is a SAFe partner.

Application Development and Maintenance

OBXtek maintains the performance, availability, security and efficiency of the critical IT systems & applications that DoD and Federal Civilian agencies rely on.  We provide support for all phases of the software system's life cycle, ranging from Research, Inception, Design, Development, Integration, Maintenance, and Replacement. All this is guided by our mix of best practices adopted from CMMI, SAFe, Scrum/XP, PMBOK, ISO 9001:2015 QMS, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management, IEEE Std 1362-1998 - ConOps, IEEE Std 830-1998 - Software Requirements Specifications (SRS), IEEE Std 1233, 1998 - System Requirements Specifications (SyRS), ISO-IEC 12207 (2008) - Software lifecycle processes, ISO-IEC 15288 (2008) - System lifecycle processes, SWEBOK - Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, and IEEE Std 14764 (2006) - Software Maintenance Engineering.

Our Architects and Engineers are certified in Java-stack, Microsoft-stack, Opensource-stack, which run the gamut of cutting edge software development languages and technical best practices. We take particular interest in R&D, continually evolve the knowledgebase and skills of our employees. 

Enterprise Architecture

As organizations and their business processes grow in size, they become more complex and consume more resources, even as their value delivery depletes. OBXtek's Enterprise Architecture practices help streamline system complexity, reduce cost, improve efficiency, and most importantly enable agencies to respond to market disruptions quickly. 

We practice various flavors of Enterprise Architecture framework, including TOGAF, DoD Architecture Framework, Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF).

Digital Transformation

We are the innovation-led, insight-driven, and integration-focused Transformers. We help reinvent & reengineer Software Systems to bring them to today's era. Our specialized refactoring and modernization capabilities are geared towards e-Enabling your organization's mission critical functions, without causing any disruption to the daily operations, and with full respect to your organization's culture.

As a special mention, we excel in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutioning, using various platforms, and at all price points.


Business Process

The process world we live in today has matured significantly, demanding solutions cut to industry and domain specific standards. Gone are the days when transactional systems (for standards-based industries) were developed from scratch. At OBXtek, we can help you with re-engineering your business processes, and transitioning you to one of many BPM and Case Management platforms, such as Oracle BPM, IBM BPM, Appian, PegaSystems, and Salesforce.

Our industry focus is on case management solutions specific to Federal Government and State Governments, and includes various segments of Citizen Services.

Data Solutions

OBXtek Data solutions can help you with Designing, Storing, Warehousing, and Mining both structured and unstructured data, the asset and life-blood of a digitally empowered organization.

Our experts are certified in Oracle Databases, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, NoSQL databases, Teradata, SAP HANA, and Datawarehousing/ETL operations.

We also excel in Enterprise Content Repositories like Oracle WCC, IBM WCM, Liferay, Sharepoint, and Drupal.

Our Data Governance capabilities ensure the security, integrity, and availability of enterprise application and sensitive PII data.