Software Development

Software Development

The specialized requirements of the federal government
often necessitate the use of purpose built or modified Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software solutions. OBXtek's staff of analysts, programmers, and testers can build the custom software needed to make your agency run efficiently to comply with your agency's changing legislative and operational requirements. Whether we design a software solution from scratch or modify COTS packages, we will first perform a comprehensive analysis to determine the best software application to support your agency's mission.

System Development Life Cycle Support

OBXtek consultants are experienced in all stages of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from the initial requirements analysis through design, development, integration, testing, and maintenance. Depending upon your requirements, our personnel can execute within your agency's SDLC process or provide our proven approach to system development utilized at numerous federal agencies.

Requirements Analysis

Working with your agency's stakeholders, OBXtek's subject matter experts perform a requirements analysis to determine the business needs of the application considering the operational, legislative, and security needs of the system to be designed. Our experts possess the knowledge and experience to align system design with functional and business requirements using tools such as Requirements Tractability Matrices. Once complete these requirements are tracked throughout system development to ensure the final solution meets the agency's needs.

System Architecture and Design

A clear description and model must be created for a system in development to be successful; that's where system architecture and design come into play. OBXtek system engineers formulate a definition of the architecture that will serve as a conceptual model of the software structure and behaviors.

Code Development

OBXtek programmers are trained in numerous programming languages including .NET, SQL, C++, and JAVA to name a few. Using well developed design documentation our programmers will build the code necessary to modify Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software or develop purpose built software applications that meet system requirements.

Data Cleansing and Migration

Data corruption, transcription errors and several other errors can lead to incomplete or incorrect data. The need to transfer accurate data from legacy systems is essential. OBXtek experts will perform data cleansing, cleaning, and scrubbing processes to ensure your data is accurate before migration is performed.

Content Management Systems

Today's websites need to reflect the present state of your federal agency at all times, therefore an effective content management system allowing rapid changes is required. OBXtek has experience with the best content management systems available and will work with your agency to find one that is best suited to its needs.

Change Request Management

Software requirements are seldom static and applications must change as new agency and legislative requirements are enacted, technology advances are leveraged, or additional applications for current programs are discovered. Ensuring that the right changes to current systems are executed is critical to the long term success of the application. OBXtek business analysts work with users and stakeholders by participating or running Change Control Boards (CCB) to make sure modifications that enhance the system are incorporated and those that do not are discarded.

Configuration Management

Keeping track of hardware and software versions is a crucial component system operation. OBXtek configuration management personnel ensure that adequate records are developed and maintained for versions of software installations and patches, hardware locations and configurations, network addresses and port configurations and other related IT infrastructure.

Compliance and Governance

OBXtek experts help your agency stay on top of regulations such as Clinger-Cohen and Section 508 compliance. Our design and integration team understand the requirements for information security in and compliance with FISMA, NIST 800-37 and DIACAP certification and accreditation requirements. Our experience with federal government regulations allows us to ensure compliance is considered throughout the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Website Development and Maintenance

Building and maintaining a website can be a challenge for those inexperienced with web development, so let OBXtek's web developers build and maintain a robust website for you. We are experts in all forms of website development and our creative design team is at the forefront of all the latest web design trends. We can perform server maintenance, website updates, and design adjustments to ensure your website is up-to-date and functioning properly.

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