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OBXtek is a relationship-driven technology and logistics company committed to delivering impactful solutions to our customers.


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Our Mission

At OBXtek, we want to foster cooperation and collaboration between our employees and with our federal government customers. We excel in providing competitive services in multiple areas:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Enterprise Service Management

  • Information Technology Engineering

  • Software, Cloud, and Mobility 

  • Training & Logistics

  • Acquisition & Program Management 

Our Vision

Provide employees with a framework that cultivates creativity and novel problem solving

Exceed expectations whenever and wherever possible

Maintain a small business vibe while delivering big business results

Provide exceptional value through prudent spending and common sense budgeting

Nurture company culture by investing in our team of hand-picked professionals


Our mission, quite simply, is to support your mission.

Our People...Our Reputation.


It's not just our slogan. 

It's the standard we hold ourselves to.

From OBXtek’s humble inception in 2009, we’ve always believed our people are the foundational pillars who uphold our quality of work.

A cohesive and inclusive company culture nurtures our top-notch talent. This ensures high-caliber work for your IT engineering and project management needs.


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