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Jason Tremper
Director of Information Technology
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As Director of Information Technology, Mr. Tremper is responsible for managing the organization’s multifaceted cloud environments, ensuring they are secure, efficient, and conducive to sustained productivity.

Mr. Tremper has over 19 years' experience. His tenure as a Help Desk Manager involved strategic technical support and significant contributions to the organization's IT infrastructure. In the retail and hospitality sectors, his roles with Apple, Hilton, and Marriott allowed him to refine his sales management and customer relationship skills.

Mr. Tremper’s career is marked by a track record of leveraging executive functions to resolve complex challenges, implement strategic solutions, and cultivate enduring stakeholder relationships, all of which have contributed to his reputation as a dynamic leader and innovator in the IT domains.

Mr. Tremper enjoys traveling with his family and experiencing new cuisines. He also enjoys playing golf and the beach.

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