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OBXtek to provide training support to AFSOC

April 18, 2018– The U.S. Air Force recently selected OBXtek to provide training support for the Special Operations Command (AFSOC), announced Dale Spencer, OBXtek President and Chief Operating Officer.

“OBXtek is honored to support to the U.S. Air Force’s special operations capability to rapidly project air and ground forces in any region of the world,” Spencer said.

OBXtek will support the AFSOC Special Tactics Group (STG) in training and organizing Special Tactics (ST) forces for rapid, global deployment in support of joint operations. The STG support AFSOC unit training to include JTAC, JTAC-Instructor (I), JTAC- Stan/Eval Examiner (SEE), Close Air Support (CAS) simulator operations, SUAS pilot, SUAS simulator operations and SUAS instructor duties on local and off-station ranges.