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Washington Business Journal ranks OBXtek as 11th largest cybersecurity company in Greater D.C.

McLean, VA, December 4, 2020 – OBXtek Inc. has been recognized as the 11th largest cybersecurity company in the Greater D.C. area by the Washington Business Journal. The list ranked companies based on 2019 metro-area revenue.

“Our continued standing on the list represents our business fidelity and the confidence our customers have in OBXtek,” said Daniel Jetton, OBXtek vice president of cybersecurity. “Our cybersecurity team is proud to deliver quality service ensuring a secure cyber infrastructure for the government.”

“We look forward to further expanding the work in our core competencies, including penetration testing, assessment & authorization, training secure network/service desk, insider threat, and risk management. Using our experience and knowledge, in cooperation with our strategic partners, we anticipate future successes.”